Benefits of Potty Training: Overview

Benefits of Potty Training: Overview

Many psychologists and parents claims that, when it comes to potty training, everything depends on the willingness of your child to be potty trained. But some parents want their child to be potty trained as early as possible, and have a hard time waiting for it to happen naturally.

Once a child is potty trained, it can have great benefits for both the parent and the child, but rushing them to learn it may only prolong the process if your child will not cooperate to you. As a parent, you should invest your energy in observing your child’s habits closely enough to effectively potty train them.

It is always a matter of good communication between you and your child to attain the necessary developmental milestones of your child.

There are many approaches that psychologists have introduced, and parents have shared from their experiences, through book publications, online journals, forums and more. Some parents are taking initiative in learning the best approach to potty training their child at an early stage.

Some toddlers already know how to go to the restroom properly before their parents actually teach them because the curiosity and brilliance of a child is immeasurable, and they easily observe and apply what they see adults doing around the house. Irrespective of how they learn, there are a number of benefits to be gained once a child is potty trained.


There are many benefits to potty training early, and not waiting for your child to initiate and show signs that they are ready. No one knows when your child will be ready to be potty trained because readiness doesn’t come at any specific age.

Some psychologists say that potty training at a later age can pose psychological risks for children, especially when they are aware that other children their age are already potty trained, and have their own opinion. They might be used to the diapers because they are comfortable and do not require any awareness, which can encourage children to seek out this easier route.

On the other hand, if a child is potty trained early, there can be great benefits. Early learning can develop their self-control skills, social skills and self-adjustment skills. Also, using the toilet on their own can make them feel more independent.

Aside from the fact that independence helps in the child’s development, parents have great benefits too; for example, you can save money by not buying those diapers, baby wipes, diaper rash cream and other pre-potty training essentials. No more diapers means no more diaper rash, which is good for the child’s health and means that personal hygiene can be gradually introduced.

It also makes them easier to take care of when they’re out of sight. For instance, when you leave your child on the day care it, you can do so without worrying about how often they’ll change your child’s diaper.

Potty Trained Before Preschool

There are also great benefits on having your child potty trained early, before they start their preschool years. One of the main advantages is that the family can save money because some schools have a big charge when children enrolled are not yet potty trained, and for some schools, they don’t accept them at all, which may pose a problem for you and your child.

On the other hand, some children don’t want to be potty trained because they are already accustomed to the lazy and comfortable life of using diapers, but some children will seek it out on their own because they crave the independence. In addition, if you delay potty training, it may be difficult for you as a parent because the rewards, love, praises and affection may not motivate them since they have different interests.

Moreover, some parents are ashamed because their child is too stubborn to be potty trained. They notice that the baby next door is able to go to the bathroom by it feel like their child has fallen behind.

Peer pressure plays a great role in potty training because some kids will be urged to do it to since their friends are doing it, but pressuring your children to learn because you feel they’re falling behind rarely helps them learn any faster.

Many children want to do what their friends are doing, and this can drive them to want to be potty trained. This natural inclination of a child can be a great way to motivate them to become potty trained. In addition, potty training can pave the way for children to understand gender differences, since boys and girls have different ways of using the bathroom.


To sum up, there are great benefits from potty training for both you and your child l. A professional named Lekovic published a book on the benefits of early potty training. These are the benefits mentioned: you start early and you can finish early, children can notice and learn their natural signals and children boost their confidence and self-esteem because they are no longer viewed as babies, but independent individuals.

Also, it can prevent some irritations, rashes, constipation and any other disease related to using diapers. In addition, you can save money not buying diapers, related creams and extra charges in preschool. It is up to the parents whether they want to start early or delay potty training, but as mentioned early potty training tends to have more benefits than downsides.

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