How to Potty Train a Girl

How to Potty Train a Girl

Potty training a girl is easy, right? You have probably heard that teaching your daughter to use a potty is much easier than teaching a boy, but that is not always the case. It is true that little girls are not as easily distracted as boys, but the time it takes mainly depends on how vigilant your little girl is to learn. No matter how the process ends up, you will need a lot of time and patience to teach her the right way to do things, so don’t rush.

The most important rule is that you should not try to teach your child if there are other problems in the household or with them. For instance, it is too stressful to try to teach a child to use the potty if they have a new baby brother or sister, or they are having trouble in school. Refrain from starting a new regimen whenever they are not feeling their best.

When you are starting out, it is also important to note that you should not try to teach her too early. This could lead to her taking a very long time to learn, which is upsetting and frustrating for everyone. Instead, watch out for the signs that she is ready to learn before moving forward.

Signs She’s Ready

  • Very concerned about being clean
  • Hates her diapers
  • Is interested in the toilet or using the bathroom
  • Is able to follow and understand basic commands
  • Can dress or undress herself
  • Talks about being a big girl
  • Asks for underwear
  • Can express when she needs to go

When your baby girl starts showing these signs, you can know for sure that her diaper days are numbered. She is exhibiting behaviors that mean she is physically and emotionally ready for potty training. The next step is to acquire all the relevant supplies.

What You Will Need

  1. Books and DVDs on the subject: These are to show her what will be taking place and to get her excited about using the potty.
  2. Potty chair or seat: Decide which one is better for your child, or get one of each and try them out. If you opt for the seat, it is also a good idea to purchase a kid-friendly step stool. This can help her get the height she needs to get up on the toilet, and can help her reach the sink to wash her hands.
  3. Rewards: This learning experience is all about positive reinforcement. Get her some of the things she likes to use as rewards when she does a good job. This can be anything from toys to candy, preferably stuff she loves and won’t mind earning through working for them.
  4. Big girl underwear: If it is possible, let her pick out her own new underwear, so she will be that much more excited when she gets to wear them. You may also want to pick up looser clothing or items that are easier to remove, so that she can get her pants down by herself when she needs to go in a hurry.

When you have purchased these things, you are now ready to begin the process of potty training. You already know that children learn things by mimicking, and this is no exception. She will need to see how Mommy uses the bathroom, to get a better understanding of what she needs to do. If you don’t mind, let her watch you use the potty sometimes.

After she sees what is in store, her natural curiosity may help you out. Show her how her potty is a lot like yours and how she can sit on it the same way you do when she needs to pee. Reinforce this as many times as it takes for as long as it takes.

It is also very important for a little girl to learn how to wipe herself. It is essential that she is taught the proper way, so she doesn’t get any type of infection in the process.

Furthermore, she will need to learn how to wash her hands, and that she should do it each time she uses the bathroom.

Practice Makes Perfect

A great way to start out is by asking her every morning once or twice an hour if she wants to use the potty. When she says yes, take her there immediately, and go through the motions. Even if she is unable to go at that time, she has learned an important connection. Make sure you always point out that she is doing a good job and never show disappointment, even when you are frustrated by the whole thing.

It may be easier to get her to use the potty in the mornings first, and then move on to the nights. There are a lot more things going on in the house at night, which may cause confusion at first. As long as she is staying interested, and you are staying positive, the training with stay on track.

After she has mastered peeing in the potty, she will need to learn how to go number 2 in the potty. This is important because it may incorporate everything else she learned previously, like the wiping, and the hand washing.

Once she learns all the skills she needs, you can start training her at night time as well. This shouldn’t be very hard if she has mastered the day time duties. Don’t worry if she has more accidents or reverts to some old behaviors. Reinforce what she is supposed to be doing, and keep using diapers or pull-ups when you need to. Also remember not to yell at her during these times, because it may be traumatic to her.


With these checklists and steps, you have a great deal of the information you need to teach your daughter the important skill of using the toilet. It will last her a lifetime and you won’t have to change any more diapers.

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